Defying the Odds,My story, my mission...

Throughout my life I have been faced with many obstacles that I have had to overcome: child abuse, foster care, domestic violence, chronic health conditions, and body shaming. Everything I have experienced over the years has helped guide me to what I feel my purpose is. I feel that everything that has happened to me is so I can be a voice for others, educate and raise awareness and inspire others dealing with and facing overwhelming odds that they too can defy the odds thrown in their path, find their inner strength and their life purpose.


This site is to summarize my story, which you can read by clicking on the My Story tab and show you that there is hope and there is so much you can do in life even with life difficulties. My journey of Defying the Odds includes:

>12 years of child abuse,

>Foster care

>Domestic violence,

>Chronic conditions  and....

>Body Shaming

Through all of that after asking "why, why is all of this happening to me?" I have found the answer to that question. I have found my purpose. To share my journey, both the good and the bad to inspire you to fight through whatever you may be getting over, whatever you are struggling with now or whatever you may be facing and you that you too can work towards your own personal goal and discover your own purpose in life. My mission is to encourage you to "Defy Your Own Odds"

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"The Story Behind My Smile"

Woman in the Mirror Domestic Violence event

Judging: (Pageants, fashion, dance/talent), 

Volunteering, Appearances, Speaking: Topics including-Defying the Odds-My journey-Child abuse, Domestic violence, foster care, Adrenal insufficiency, hypothyroidism,chronic conditions, Mental health and breaking Mental health stigma, Suicide survivor, other topics please inquire.

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Event speaker at the 2018 Arizona International Women's Day

"A Perspective on Healthcare"

Guest speaker at the Red Tie, Red Dress event sharing my story of child abuse/domestic violence journey

(Lightning may not have been the best but

my voice was still heard)


"Change Your Life"

choreographed by KaristaRose, Bella Denise and Oliver Hilcove.

"Whether it is the opportunity to dance itself or confronting one's demons in the dance of life, Karista's interpretive dance moved me like few other performances have. Incorporating well the fears and nagging messages of our past that haunt us, we see the power of hope, daring and dreaming in in helping us to move forward in life with joy." -Heather

Pageant Titles


International Ultimate Elite Ambassador 2018

Mrs. Model Beauty USA (2018 Summer)

Mrs. Arizona Ultimate Elite 2017-2018

Americas U.S. Miss, Mrs. West Coast 2014

Lifetime Triumph over Tragedy USA 2014

Mrs. Triumph over Tragedy USA 2013

Mrs. Scottsdale Triumph over Tragedy 2013

Miss American Rose mother of the year 2nd runner up 2011

Ms. Phoenix United States 2005






Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas

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